About Me

Howdy and welcome to my site, my name is Jesse Culver and I hope you find what you are looking for!

As you probably have guessed I’m from Texas, and in Texas everything is bigger including our hats.

Like this one for example:


My personal hat probably looks closer to this:


As you may have noticed, and probably did not find surprising, drawing is missing.


I have always had a desire to help people learn because I feel it is one of the best ways you can give back to a community. When I first started making mods and maps for the Source Engine the documentation was not great (some would say it still isn’t) and it would often take me several hours or maybe even a day to finally track down the answer I was looking for. I wanted to change that so I started writing and filming my own tutorials which you can find here on this site!

Cyber Security

During my junior year at University of North Texas I joined the cyber security club and quickly realized it was both a topic and a community I really liked, even eventually becoming president of the club my senior year! While at UNT I took several security focused classes like digital forensics and secure programming as well as competed in several competitions like National Cyber League and the National Cyber Collegiate Defense Competition where we made it to regionals for the first time in 5 years. Since graduating I’ve been attending local meetups and trying to grow my skills by playing around with things like VulnHub and just expanding my knowledge in any way I can.


I started programming my senior year of high school in some very basic Java while at the same time teaching myself how to use C# so I could write the very first version of Source MultiTool. Since then I’ve learned a lot about computer science in my studies at UNT and played around with a lot of languages including but not limited to: C, C++, Python, Go, Squirrel, Lua, PHP, Ruby, Bash, Batch/Powershell and SQL. To me programming is an art and a way to express my creativity because as we have already established my drawing skills are nonexistent.

Game Design

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to design video games. This led to me making mods for games like Star Wars Empire at War, Half-Life 2, and Garry’s Mod. I joined the Zombie Panic Source team in high school where I helped make/update levels, moderate the forums, and help community members with their mapping problems. Up until sophomore year of college I was convinced that it was what I wanted to do after I graduated, but then I started reading into what the industry was really like and actually comparing pay scales of a game programmer vs a regular programmer, hours worked per week, where most jobs were located and the cost of living there, just overall treatment of staff and realized the industry still has a lot of growing up to do. So for now I keep my game design as a hobby project and I have a lot of fun doing that! Currently I am a part of the No More Room In Hell team doing some minor level fixing, helping to run the Steam forums, and helping people with their mapping problems. I also am an admin on the largest Source Engine Discord where I help answer questions and give feedback on peoples work.