Purpose of the Site

4 minute read

I’ve always liked the idea of having a personal web site to display my work all in one spot and write my “bigger” thoughts down.

So let’s talk about what my goals exactly are:

More Tutorials

In the past I’ve written either all of my tutorials as Steam Guides or as forum posts. 90% of my tutorials up until now have been about the Source Engine so it always made since to put them on the Source SDK Steam Hub as a guide, however I would like to start making guides/tutorials to other things and I feel it would probably make the most since to have all of my guides in one place. I’ve also had a few various issues in the past with Steams Guide section, in particular there have been instances where links get {LINK REMOVED} for seemingly no reason for perfectly valid websites like Microsoft’s or the Steam moderation team has decided this month they want to unblock one file sharing host and block another. Ultimately it comes down to if I want to use their service I have to play by their rules which is fair I just don’t always necessarily agree with all those rules, hosting my guides here means I don’t need to worry about someone taking down my Mediafire or MEGA links.

More Projects

Most of my projects are normally fairly sizeable in scope right now I would say and I would like to start doing some smaller ones. As an example we talked internally on the No More Room In Hell team of making func_instance libraries for people to use. Doing small projects that I can accomplish in a day or a weekend sounds both fun and less stressful then trying to tackle some of my bigger project ideas I have kicking around.

This of course doesn’t mean I won’t be doing things like Source MultiTool any more, in fact I feel like the opposite will happen. If I can start putting my projects in a single location for people to check out and give feedback on I think it will help to motivate me a bit more in continuing to work on them.

It also will serve as the place I can just link people to when they ask me what it is I exactly do.

Blog Posts

I enjoy writing and I’ve often found myself rewriting something over and over again when I respond to it on various forums so putting it all in one spot where I can write out my thoughts really well a single time is something I would like to do. A lot of it will probably be video game/security/programming related but who knows maybe I’ll talk about whatever new cookie recipe I tried baking.

Other Thoughts

One thing you may have noticed missing on this site is the ability to leave a comment and that’s by design. Over the years I’ve realized in general comment sections do nothing but act as a place for people to be mean, echo chamber, or act as a place for a bot to advertise that you too can work from home and make a million dollars a week with this one cool trick. If people really want to leave a comment they can look to their left and see I have multiple places they can leave comments to tell me I’m dumb.

There are also no ads on this site and there never will be ads on this site. The only time there would ever be an ad on this site would be if I made something I’m selling and even then it’s just going to probably be a blog post, a project page, and a link here in there in other articles where it’s relevant. This site costs $5 a month to run and $12 for the domain name annually. I don’t expect to get a ton of traffic and ads pay so little that it makes no sense at all for me to bog you down and potentially expose you to something malicious by covering my site in a bunch of really poorly designed ads. If people want to give back to show their support they can make a donation through Ko-Fi or just leave a nice comment on Steam, Email, etc.

That’s going to do it I think for this first blog post. There’s no set schedule for these and they’ll probably just be made as they come to me. I’ll post these in places they’re relevant as I write them but until I setup a mailing list or something if you want to get notified as they are made I would suggest using your good ol RSS reader to subscribe to the RSS feed at the very bottom of this web page.

Until next time,

Jesse ‘Wazanator’ Culver