Source Engine Storybook

A Source Engine 1 modification with the goal of providing an easier way to create and share single player maps.

Download From MEGA GitHub Repo


Goals of the Project:

  • Provide a mod that people wanting to make single player maps can map for without having to setup their own single player mod
  • Provide an easy way to share maps and content the maps use
  • Provide quality of life improvements
  • Provide gameplay changes that can be opted into

Current Noteable Features:

Playlist of Tutorial Videos Associated:

This mod is built on top of the MapBase mod by Blixibon and incorporates various other additions either by myself or other members of the community. You can find a full list of contributors inside the release folder of the mod as well as on GitHub. Anyone is welcome to fork the mod for their own use so long as they follow the license rules and continue to include the CONTRIBUTORS file so that people are properly credited. If you are interested in contributing to the project or would like your maps/assets added to the addon section please get in contact with me!